An alphabet workbook creating fun educational experiences for parents and children to blend learning and loving from the comfort of home. 

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Let's be honest, parenting is hard.  We want the best for our kids and we want to be the best for our kids. Their meals, naps, schedules, spiritual well-being, education...the list goes on. We want you to know, we see you. We see you in the grind of parenthood and while we don't have all the answers author Sacha Burkett created something to take the last worry off your plate! 

I created this book for parents, to help bring joy to learning for our littlest generation. I first created this content for my oldest son, who was 3 years old at the time, while I was on maternity leave for my youngest. I only looked to publish once so many of my "mom friends" said they needed this content too. The process of these lessons was so much more than learning or teaching but created a bonding and excitement for me and my son.  The joy of learning at an early age can be so crucial and impactful for future educational success. Our littlest generation cannot be overlooked. 


"Have you ever wondered how to make learning fun for your toddlers?! I'm even a teacher and have a hard time coming up with fun, educational things for my son! This is an amazing workbook! Mamas you won't want to miss this!"


3rd Grade Teacher & Mom


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