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This alphabet centered workbook has everything from the ABC’s to shapes, cutting, tracing, experiments, crafts, dramatic play, and so much more! This workbook is more than just pages of instruction but will provide an experience for you and your little one.

It was written and illistrated by an art teacher for parents who want to invest in their child's learning in a fun and creative way! This process is not just about teaching letters and numbers but about bonding and growing with your child!

Just the Book

  • This book (all 280 pages) will walk you and your little one through all 26 letters in the alphabet with 4-5 lessons per letter. Each lesson is fully explained with specific materials listed and example pictures for certain lessons. A picture of the lesson format is shown for the letter “V.” Each letter will start with a coloring page (example shown for B) your child can also trace the letter and word in addition to coloring. Each coloring page is followed by the templates or practice pages for each letter (examples shown).

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