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  • What if my child is 5? Should I still purchase this book?
    The target age of 2-4 is a suggestion of ages appropriate for this book. However, each child is different and learns differently, so it is at the parents’ discretion when their child is ready for this content. Content focuses on the following; counting, shape recognition, letter recognition and sounds, motor skills of cutting and tracing, and creativity. It is possible to modify the lessons for kids who need the extra challenge.
  • How much will it cost to purchase the extra materials needed for the lessons?
    It is totally your call how much or how little you add to each activity. It's possible to spend very little seeing as our kids enjoy the time spent with you, as a parent, the most. It is also possible to spend a small fortune depending on how much you want to decorate for a theme. The most cost effective and effincient option for the extra materials needed is to purchase our material kit with the proper amount of each items sent right to your door.
  • How quickly will items process and ship?
    Each material kit is hand packed by our team and shipped with your book. We strive to get your order processed and out to you ASAP with a goal turn around time of 1 week. We believe communication is key. If our orders are backed up, we will certainly communicate to you so you know when to expect your package.
  • Can my business sponsor items in the material kit?
    We are a small team who dream of helping parents bond and educate their child in fun, creative ways. If you or your business would like to help sponsor the material kit items in exchange for marketing opportunities please use our contact form.
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